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How to balisong

How to balisong

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We are back on the blog after a few weeks of inactivity to talk this time about the use of butterfly knives but also about their origin and other important information on the subject so that you too can be experts. Because this knife, which is too different from the others in shape and use, also has a very interesting and intriguing history. A knife that is also present in great numbers on our site because we are great fans and admirers of all the different colors and the existing design. I also invite you to see our collection for yourself before or after reading the article on the following link : Balisong.


What is a balisong trainer? 

The balisong or butterfly knife in English is a Filipino knife invented by a gunsmith-soldier during the Spanish colonization. The name balisong literally means folding knife. Be especially careful not to confuse this knife with the famous karambit which we already speak about in another article available on this link if you are interested: 

Going back to the historical creation of this knife, we need to understand the context. Spanish domination was particularly cruel, it abused all the women in the country and prevented people from leaving the countryside for the cities for no apparent reason. But the real reason for the creation of this knife is that Filipino men were forbidden to take their bolo or machete with them because it was too dangerous in the eyes of the Spanish. Unfortunately, this being a very long Filipino tradition for centuries, preventing men from going out with their machete is a terrible humiliation (it would be like preventing a samurai from wearing his katana for example).
The gunsmith who invented the weapon got the idea while watching the Spanish fans. Indeed, as all weapons are forbidden, a solution had to be found to hide them as well as possible so that they could circulate freely and finally be able to defend themselves against the colonists. The locals found this alternative by making folding knives that were easy to hide.

Let us now move on to the practical explanation of this knife. The balisong was created for military use. It is a knife that can be handled quickly and has a blade and two movable branches. The butterfly knife is easy to open with one hand and is very useful for self-defence. However, it must be handled with care if you don't want to cut off a finger!

 What is a balisong trainer


Mastering the butterfly knife is part of some martial arts. With practice, you will be able to perform impressive figures, thanks to sequences of openings and closings, called tricks. Of course, you don't learn this in a few days, but with the right motivation and rigorous daily training, you can easily learn to perform all kinds of impressive tricks. Of course, it depends on your individual abilities; some will learn faster than others, but perseverance is always the key.

For those of you who are more motivated, we have attached a link to a video of a young man doing some excellent tricks, which might give you some ideas and motivate you: Incredible balisong figures.


Today, the various manufacturers of butterfly knives offer a wide variety of balisong sizes with a more modern design. They are also used for martial arts shows and no longer for military purposes. The anatomy of the butterfly knife is very simple. It consists of a blade and two removable handles. These fold over the blade and give the impression that the butterfly knife is closed or that it is a folding pocket knife. When the handles are open, they form a handle, allowing you to hold your knife without injury.

When looking for your butterfly knife, you will see that the length of the blade varies according to the model.


How to open a balisong?


It is very important to learn how to handle your butterfly knife correctly, so it is advisable to hold it by the handle to avoid injury. This is why it is advisable to hold it by the handle to avoid injury. This recommendation sounds rather strange, but some people get injured by holding it by the wrong end.

The butterfly knife is used today in shows or for martial arts. We advise you to register in a room specially dedicated to teaching the handling of butterfly knives if it exists near you. You will start by using a training knife with which you will not be able to injure yourself. This one has no sharp blade. You will be able to perform many tricks without being afraid of cutting your finger and will therefore be freer to try out all sorts of difficult tricks. You can also train by watching videos and tutorials explaining how to do the tricks.

Coming back to our main problem, how to open a butterfly knife, if you really have this problem, look carefully to find the small notch between the two branches that keeps it closed. There is always some kind of easy opening so that you can unfold it without hurting yourself as on most classic pocket knives.


So never forget before doing your turns that you must hold the knife by its main branch (the one where a screw protrudes at the bottom) because it is very important for the rotation of the knife. For your first workout, have fun doing a simple clockwise rotation in both directions, then you can continue with more complicated turns but this first element is essential for the rest. 


How to open a balisong


Are balisongs illegal in UK?


As for the karambit, there is no specific law specifying the prohibition of this type of knife. Such a law would be totally arbitrary and incomprehensible because the butterfly knife is only one particular type of pocket knife and it would therefore make no sense to prohibit its use while all other pocket knives would be tolerated. Of course everything depends on your use of the knife and we remind you that despite its military origins it is used today rather as a self-defense weapon but above all as a training and show weapon by the realization of impressive tricks. Without forgetting that butterfly knives are a perfect asset to develop your skill and handling.

We have therefore tried in this article to answer as precisely as possible the main questions people have about balisong knives and we will certainly do so again in the future.