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What is a Butterfly Knife

What is a Butterfly Knife ?

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In today's blog article, we will talk more specifically about Butterfly Knife. This is the real name of what we also call a balisong, but many people don't know it and sometimes even confuse them. For this reason we propose a second article close to our old article How to use a balisong? This way we will have gone around the subject and each person calling this knife the balisong or the butterfly knife will find a suitable article on our blog. Before diving into the details of this product, remember that Balisong is none other than the original name of the butterfly knife. This name was given to it when it was created in Filipino and literally translates as folding knife. It was specially created to be simple to hide and transportable everywhere, in order to prevent the Spanish guards from controlling the territory during this period and to be able to defend themselves against them.

How to flip a Butterfly Knife ? 

In this article we will talk about its use and the fun side of this knife. As we have already written, our first article is much more about the technical side and details of the butterfly knife. We invite you again to read the article in the link above if you are interested.

If it looks like a weapon for thugs, the butterfly knife is a real work of art whose design is to be admired. For let us remember that this knife is used in many martial arts for its class and practicality. The butterfly knife being of high quality, it can be used for many purposes in everyday life. Very little used in the kitchen, it can nevertheless be used to cut hard foods, including meat. It can also be used in the DIY sector to strip or cut electrical wires. It is also an excellent knife, very effective in defending oneself against physical aggression. The military have also made it a formidable gadget in their arsenal.

It is obvious that this will not be done in a day and that you will not master many tricks very quickly. It takes time, envy and of course practice. Fortunately, as with all activities, there are degrees of difficulty and you will have to climb the ladder one by one and start by learning beginner's tricks.


How to flip a butterfly knife


Before doing any tricks, you first need to know how to open a butterfly knife and therefore how to handle it (also explained in our 1st article). This is essential to be able to do your tricks with the knife and above all to avoid hurting yourself. You will have to start with basic manipulations with preferably a balisong training knife which you can find on our website of course ( Butterfly Knife & Balisong ). To begin with, you will have to make the difference between the main and secondary branch of your knife, because by holding the secondary branch, the risk of cuts is much greater. In most cases the main branch is equipped with a small screw at the end to identify it. You will then have to learn how to open and close it as quickly as possible. Then you can start the basic tricks such as rotation (simple, back, forward), simple pivot, ricochet, drop latch.

Once you have mastered these tricks, you can concentrate on the intermediate level tricks. You will be able to do a double rotation, a time change, the helicopter, the counter-clockwise pivot, the single jump, and many others. With experience, you will be able to perfect and begin complex tricks such as advanced counter-clockwise returns, jump transfers, elbow landing, back throw transfers, etc. In addition to these intermediate and complex tricks, you can also add spectacular combos as you progress.

Unfortunately, we can't explain each trick in detail, because it would be too long and complicated to follow each step. Nevertheless, the best way to learn more about the subject and to practice already by yourself is to try different laps. But the best way is also simply to watch videos on this subject. We therefore invite you to start your training by watching the following video for example: 10 easier balisong tricks. This is the perfect video for beginners because you can see the base of the tricks quite clearly, the young woman has done her video quite well.


Are butterfly knives illegal

Are butterfly knives illegal ?

Here is a question that comes up quite often and that many people usually ask themselves. We repeat once again that for karambit, there are no specific laws prohibiting this type of knife, neither at the federal level nor in each state of the country. These types of knives are neither more nor less dangerous than a pocket knife or a classic hunting knife, so specifically prohibit it would be contradictory, if not useless, because the knife has already been present for a long time in our countries. Of course, once again, it depends on the use you make of them, these knives are excellent for tricks but are also useful for your own defense but their use in other cases or situations could confront you with problems. You should therefore always be careful with this type of object. The number one asset of this knife is the show and the development of your ability to use it to its best advantage for your tricks.

Here we are at the end of our article, we hope that you will like it and that it will have enlightened you as much as possible.